Prices for Printed Maps, Post Paid

I have had copies of both of my maps and the Oxholm 1800 map printed, they are for sale at the prices listed below. My two maps are printed on water and tear resistant paper and will stand up to a lot of use.  Send the total price, note the map(s) desired, and include your name and address; mail to:

Bob Garrison
PO Box 394
Henniker, NH 03242

If you are leaving for St. John soon and want a map asap, E-Mail me your mailing address and I will send the map and trust you for the $3.00. If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities of the maps for resale or other uses, please contact me for prices.

Sadly, I have had to increase the price for my maps due to the increases in costs of paper, printing, and especially postage. This has more to do with the real value of the paper dollar than anything else.

2014 St. John Hiking Map (Folded)

$ 3.00

1800 Oxholm Map  (Folded)

$ 3.00

Both of the above maps (Folded)

$ 5.00

Either of the above maps rolled for framing


Both of the above maps rolled for framing 


The 2009 Ossipee Mountains Hiking Map

$ 5.00

The 2009 Ossipee Mountains Hiking Map rolled