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This web site started out as a guide for people coming to the beautiful island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. My intent was to share the map of the island that I made so that people new to the island would be able to find their way around. I found that the map provided by the National Park Service was almost useless and that other available maps were inaccurate and incomplete.

More recently, I made a map of the Ossipee Mountains in New Hampshire. The only maps I found that covered the whole area were made by the United States Geological Service. Although these maps are accurate and very professionally done, there is very little hiking trail information shown. I met a gentleman, Dave Roberts, who gave me a copy of his superb map of the Castle in the Clouds area. I have expanded on his work and produced my map that shows the entire mountain range. I hope you will find it useful and enjoy this beautiful area.

I chose the name “Trail Bandit” because I have found that getting permission to do maintenance on old trails is essentially impossible and I decided that if these trails were to continue to exist, I would have to do the maintenance myself, with help from others. As you might expect, I have encountered resistance to this practice along the way. For more information you can read this interview with

Since the two areas are so different in their character and ownership, I will describe them in separate sections. If you just want a good map you can skip all this stuff and proceed to the “Maps On Line Page” to look at them, or go to the “Free Downloads” page where you can download the maps and other information for free. If you would like printed copies of the maps, go to the “Store” page to find out how to order copies. For those of you that use GPS technology, there is the GPS section which has maps for both St. John and the Ossipee Mountains that you can load onto your GPS.

The purpose of putting this data here is to help others enjoy these two beautiful areas. You may copy or use the map data for any purpose you want. You may reprint any or all of the maps but I ask that you either leave off the reference to the Trail Bandit or note that you have published a COPY of my map. I have run across some crummy copies of my St. John map and they give my maps a bad name. For a small charge I will gladly send anyone a DVD with all the map data to avoid the degradation of the images that comes from scanning the paper maps.

Hopefully you will get out and hike on the trails and help in the fight to keep them open. It won’t be easy.


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