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For those of you that use GPS receivers to find your way around and save tracks of where you have been, this section has a lot of information that will help you. I used a program called FUGAWI Global Navigator for all the data collection for my maps. It allows you to scan in paper maps, load digital maps and also transfer routes and tracks to and from your GPSr to the map. The program is inexpensive and I have found it easy to use. I have provided both the St. John and the Ossipee maps HERE in the FX4 file format that is required by the program to save you from having to geolocate the maps that you can download from the Store Section.

If you want either the St. John or the Ossipee map loaded onto your Garmin GPS as the base map to see where you are, which way to go and where you have been, there are number of ways to do that. I have found the IMG2GPS program is easy to use. The instructions for this method are HERE, the necessary program and the data files are located HERE. (all files are in zip format, you will need to extract to a folder first)

Note: This method works fine with my Garmin GPSmap 76Cx unit and many others. Garmin and other GPSr manufacturers keep changing their devices so that new products may not work with older maps and ways of loading them. They want you to buy your maps from them. The GPSr units are inexpensive and the manufacturers make much of their profits on the map software they sell. There are many developers out there that are reverse engineering what the GPSr manufacturers do so as to let owners upload non Garmin, etc. maps onto their units. The battle continues. I will try to update the information here to keep up with this race and the newer GPSr devices. The FUGAWI Global Navigator program also does the transfer of .IMG maps to your Garmin GPSr. 

Nowadays there are probably many other ways to transfer the IMG files to your Garmin or other GPSr and there is lots of information on the internet.   


I have found that having a printed map of the area is very handy for the big picture and the small map segment on the GPS for the fine detail.

The St. John GPS Track Files folder contains the .GPX format track files for the 33 lesser known trails that are shown and numbered on the 2014 St. John Hiking Map which is available on the Maps on Line page, the Free Downloads page, or in printed form from the Store page. These tracks can be uploaded to your GPSr using the Fugawi program or Easy GPS which is free on the internet or can be downloaded HERE. There is probably a program that came with your GPSr to do this also. The GPX format is a standard track file format and most GPS units will use them with no difficulty. The trail descriptions for these trails are shown on the back of the hiking map and are also available on the ”Free Downloads” page.

As with all technology, the GPS stuff has a learning curve but most who try will get the hang of it.


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